Special Projects and Events

Care For Kids Ears, CAAMA
I&G is staffed by experienced video, audio and events producers. Our in-house capabilities mean our team can expand very quickly to undertake major communications projects. I&G, as a project manager, has a proud record of delivering complex and difficult projects effectively, on-time and on budget.

In the role of Executive Producer, I&G has delivered major projects for the Department of Health and Ageing, developing and coordinating media partners from all over Australia to create and deliver health communications tailored to their local communities.

These projects employ a communications strategy that departs from traditional “top down” approach, working on the assumption that Indigenous media organisations (and qualified community media organisations) are best placed to create communications materials that meet the needs of their local communities.

Voice of Multicultural Australia

Voice of the Community logo

In-language communications more vital than ever in increasingly multicultural Australia… was one of the main themes to emerge from Voice of Multicultural Australia held on Friday 22 August 2014 at the National Press Club in Canberra.

Nearly 50 representatives from ethnic media outlets around Australia joined a gathering of government communications professionals, their agencies and specialist consultants. The event was organised by media representative Spots & Space with the support of the CBAA and the NEMBC, representing community and multicultural broadcasters nationally. Here’s Ralph Van Dijk from Eardrum presenting a moving case study The Power of In-language Radio – Rescue Radio

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Voice of the Community

Voice of the Community logo

One hundred and twenty-six guests attended the inaugural Voice of the Community event. It was hosted by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander media organisations from around Australia, together with I&G and media sales company Spots & Space.


National Indigenous Ear Health Campaign

The primary focus of the National Indigenous Ear Health Campaign is to increase the awareness of ear disease and to highlight the importance of seeking and following treatment to prevent hearing loss in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people(s). This campaign is the first national campaign to target Indigenous ear disease.
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Indigenous Communities Sexual Health Communications Program

The Indigenous Communities Sexual Health Communications Program supported Indigenous media organisations to deliver tailored public information campaigns to their communities on the issue of sexually transmissible infections (STI).

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National Drugs Campaign – Indigenous Media Partnerships

Partnerships with Indigenous organisations enabled the National Drugs Campaign to extend to Indigenous communities. The media partners created high quality video and audio recordings which were compiled into a national programming series and widely distributed.

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