Frequently Asked Questions



+How can we be sure the translation is correct?
I&G employ NAATI-accredited translators and have rigorous verification and checking services. 
+How long would it take me to get a recording done in language?
For a straightforward recording (one voice in one language) you could expect to have finished audio within five working days from provision of approved script.  These timeframes do not apply to Indigenous languages, which may take considerably longer.
+We want our recording to be 30 seconds in duration, can you ensure that?
I&G will work to produce material to the duration required, however it is common for 30 second English language announcements to be longer in translation.  This is especially true for translations into Indigenous languages.

Audio Production & Distribution

+How will my material be delivered to the media outlet?
I&G have an up-to-date database of the delivery preferences and required media formats for every media outlet we deal with. Whether it’s physical delivery or via online methods we make sure it gets into the right hands at the right time.

We re-version your material to suit station needs, ensuring the format is as required – WAV, MP3, OGG or any other required format.

+How can I be sure my material will get to the media on time?
I&G maintain an up-to-date database of personal contacts and preferred distribution processes for every media outlet we deal with.

I&G verify every delivery with the most appropriate and timely methods including courier receipt, email confirmation of download, phone calls and text messaging. If there’s a late notice or short turnaround we contact every station to ensure your material gets into the right hands on time.

Any dispatches that are not verified promptly are automatically burnt to CD and couriered to ensure availability at the media outlet.

+Is I&G a voiceover agency?
No, we have a great number of talented translation and voice-over people in our network who we have worked with for many years but we do not represent talent in any formal sense.  We are happy to recommend talent or work with your nominated artists.

Other Questions

+What do you charge?
&G provide an all inclusive quote based on number of voices/language and despatch costs.   Our clients always know the full and exact cost of each production up front, and before I&G are engaged.
+What will the quality be like?
I&G work to the highest possible industry standard.  We have a recording studio on-site and our senior engineer is one of the most experienced audio producers and voice coaches in Australia.